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The Fighter and the Kid (Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen) join the Total Human Optimization Podcast to discuss focus, routines, and staying committed to the task.

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Pro gaming is a billion dollar industry and competitors are starting to look for an edge to one-up their opponents.  In this special Alpha BRAIN Gaming edition of the THO Podcast, learn why gamers are now turning to health & fitness instead of chips and sugar drinks. Featuring female pro gamer and streamer Mrs. Violence.

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In this quick Optimized segment, Joe DeFranco of the Industrial Strength Show gives his knowledge on making gains and staying healthy after 40.

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What's the difference between conventional beef and grass-fed? It's more than just what's going in the cow's mouth. In this episode we talk about the multiple benefits of grass-fed beef and the not so pretty picture on the other end of the spectrum. Guest Pati Jacobs from Bastrop Cattle Co.

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