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How can we work on becoming empowered and not seeing ourselves as a victim of circumstance? We will try to get through these issues and more with guest Neghar Fonooni whose goal is to help people learn to live a fully engaged, vibrant, wholehearted life.

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What started as a Fight Companion Podcast for UFC Fight Night, turns into an all-out whatever goes podcast as Eddie Bravo.... and Alex Jones join the table.

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When attempting to improve health & fitness, many face the perils of a negative mindset. From struggles with body image to the way we view food and personal responsibility, how can we achieve mental override? Jill Coleman of JillFit.com helps us discuss these topics and more.

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How can we train more like an elite athlete? We'll try to learn a thing or two from Cameron Josse of DeFranco's Gym at the Onnit Academy as shares insight into his NFL Combine training and his work with the Undertaker.

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