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From barbells and Sweatin’ To The Oldies to steel maces and online personal training, tools and fitness at your fingertips is ever-evolving. We talk with the Wolf Man about the evolution of training and a new groundbreaking platform soon approaching.

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WWE Superstars live some of the most grueling and demanding lives of any athletic career. What does it take to live such a life? Recent WWE Champion Sheamus discusses everything from training to maintaining relationships with a tedious travel schedule.

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From high school standout to a spot on the US Women's National Team, Lori Lindsey has lived her dream as a soccer player. In this episode, we discuss her journey, the training schedule as a World Cup athlete and life of a pro soccer player.

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We're all seeking happiness, but is it being derived from the right place? How can we take unfortunate circumstances and use it as an opportunity to grow? We attempt to answer these questions with Brandon Epstein of Zen Dude Fitness.

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