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We all know we need to eat better. What isn’t so clear is how to do it in the time-crunched, temptation-filled modern world. Author, lecturer, and nutrition consultant Chris Mohr, Ph.D., R.D., specializes in helping regular people stick to healthy nutrition plans, and we invited him on the THO podcast to share the strategies he uses with his own clients who have busy schedules and don’t want to hate their food by counting every calorie.

See below for the topics that Mohr, host Orlando Rios, and Onnit Senior Content Strategist Sean Hyson cover, and then check out Mohr’s 12-week Fat Loss Nutrition Plan at https://www.onnit.com/academy/12-week-fat-loss-nutrition-plan-part-1/

Practical Nutrition Show Notes

The best times of day to eat (0:41)

Does meal frequency matter? (2:30)

Quality snacks for a diet (4:35)

Why you should eat protein first thing (5:50)

How to make the perfect meal (7:30)

How much protein is enough? (9:40)

Clean eating on the go (13:19)

The reason to eat slow (16:00)

Combating cravings (17:00)

The beverage that helps you lose weight (19:00)

Why you don’t need variety (21:36)


Visit Chris at mohrresults.com

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The umbrella of Total Human Optimization covers the quest for physical improvement in all its forms, but it also encompasses mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. You can work your way to having a perfect body, but if you end up alone in the process, it’s an empty achievement. In the spirit of upcoming St. Valentine’s Day, we asked clinical counselors/life coaches Brian Grasso, Ph.D., and Carrie Campbell—one of the happiest couples we know—to offer some tips for bringing more love into your life, whether you’re alone this year or in a relationship that isn’t as fulfilling as it should be. You’ll learn that the path that leads to your soul mate has nothing to do with the body you have, the money you make, or the pick-up lines you use. Rather, it begins with finding love for yourself, and then slowly learning to release from the thoughts and habits that have kept you from meeting the love of your life.

Show Notes:

Why your ability to love someone else depends on loving yourself first (2:30)

Recognizing low self-esteem (2:40)

Counting your wins (7:50)

Finding love online—why rejection doesn’t matter (11:40)

How to know what you’re looking for (17:08)

Why focusing on looks blinds you to true beauty (23:20)

How to visualize the love of your life (26:00)

Are you in the right relationship? (31:29)

Energy in vs. energy out (35:00)

Four things you must do to have love (36:01)

Read the article “How To Find Love By Valentine’s Day” at https://www.onnit.com/academy/how-to-find-love/

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How to build strength and muscle for the long haul.

Onnit’s Chief Fitness Officer John Wolf joins THO podcast host Orlando Rios and Senior Content Strategist Sean Hyson to discuss the 12-week transformation program he wrote for Onnit’s New Year’s Resolution Series.

Wolf designed a workout plan to build muscle and burn fat while improving joint mobility, preventing the nagging aches and pains associated with long-term, physique-focused weight training. Learn the exercises that save you pain and boost your gains, how a proper workout should be organinzed (and modified if need be), and other tips that optimize your results.

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