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USA Today via the American Heart Association put out an article this week claiming that Coconut Oil is not healthy... and that it never was! In this episode, we dissect and discuss their claims and their stance behind... vegetable oil.

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In the final episode of the Mark Bell series we talk about pro wrestling training stories, John Cena, and his invention of the Slingshot.

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In part two of the Mark Bell series we talk about the ketogenic diets and improving your friends circle in order to find success.

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Powerlifter, former pro wrestler, and inventor of the slingshot joins the podcast in this three-episode series.

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When you go to a gym, you may see a bunch of extras and attachments being used amongst workouts. But do you know what the benefits of these tools are? CJ McFarland, Onnit Academy's strength coach clues us in.

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The jacked duo of Christian Thibaudeau and John Russin join the THO Podcast to talk strength, diet, stress, and functionality in this meat head roundtable discussion.

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Kombucha has quickly become a trendy drink in the US thanks to the string of benefits it has on digestion and gut health.  But how is it made and what should you look for in your Kombucha drink? Greg Goodman of KTonic gives us the low down.

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The Glory Women's Super Bantamweight Champion talks about the health, fitness and mindset that keeps her at the top of her game.

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If you're an avid Joe Rogan listener, you may have heard a segment on a recent episode about Eric Leija - better known as the Primal Swoledier. In this episode we have a light hearted talk with the Onnit Academy trainer about his journey and routines for optimization.

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We all know we need to eat better. What isn’t so clear is how to do it in the time-crunched, temptation-filled modern world. Author, lecturer, and nutrition consultant Chris Mohr, Ph.D., R.D., specializes in helping regular people stick to healthy nutrition plans, and we invited him on the THO podcast to share the strategies he uses with his own clients who have busy schedules and don’t want to hate their food by counting every calorie.

See below for the topics that Mohr, host Orlando Rios, and Onnit Senior Content Strategist Sean Hyson cover, and then check out Mohr’s 12-week Fat Loss Nutrition Plan at

Practical Nutrition Show Notes

The best times of day to eat (0:41)

Does meal frequency matter? (2:30)

Quality snacks for a diet (4:35)

Why you should eat protein first thing (5:50)

How to make the perfect meal (7:30)

How much protein is enough? (9:40)

Clean eating on the go (13:19)

The reason to eat slow (16:00)

Combating cravings (17:00)

The beverage that helps you lose weight (19:00)

Why you don’t need variety (21:36)


Visit Chris at

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