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Pro gaming is a billion dollar industry and competitors are starting to look for an edge to one-up their opponents.  In this special Alpha BRAIN Gaming edition of the THO Podcast, learn why gamers are now turning to health & fitness instead of chips and sugar drinks. Featuring female pro gamer and streamer Mrs. Violence.

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In this quick Optimized segment, Joe DeFranco of the Industrial Strength Show gives his knowledge on making gains and staying healthy after 40.

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What's the difference between conventional beef and grass-fed? It's more than just what's going in the cow's mouth. In this episode we talk about the multiple benefits of grass-fed beef and the not so pretty picture on the other end of the spectrum. Guest Pati Jacobs from Bastrop Cattle Co.

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Dr. Andreo Spina shares his expertise on mobility, joint health, tissue assessment and the evolution of training.

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Cage-Free, Vegetarian-Fed, Pasture-Raised, Pasteurized... What does it all mean? We talk with Jason Jones, President of Vital Farms (a leader in the pasture-raised egg industry) to get sunny side up on the egg industry and ethical chicken raising practices.

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We're turning into robots! Dr. Corey A Peacock (Exercise Physiologist for the BlackZillians Fight Team) discusses the technology he uses to monitor and improve performance.

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When creating a plan to lose weight, there are several theories when it comes to nutrition and physical activity. Are carbs really the enemy? Will working out too much actually work against you? These questions and more are discussed in the latest THO podcast.

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In this special roundtable edition of the podcast, we have an open discussion about some of the anxieties of dating and managing a work/life balance.

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Are you scared that by skipping a day of exercise you're gonna get fat? Do you feel like your workout was lame because you didn't puke afterwords? You're not alone. Ben Greenfield joins us to talk about overtraining and the science behind adrenal fatigue. 

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Does eating a delicious cheesy pizza make you head for the latrines? Aubrey Marcus and Guest Shawn Stevenson help LifeSlicer Orlando Rios solve his pizza predicament while unraveling the mysteries of the human digestive system.

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