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In the final episode of the Mark Bell series we talk about pro wrestling training stories, John Cena, and his invention of the Slingshot.

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In part two of the Mark Bell series we talk about the ketogenic diets and improving your friends circle in order to find success.

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Powerlifter, former pro wrestler, and inventor of the slingshot joins the podcast in this three-episode series.

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When you go to a gym, you may see a bunch of extras and attachments being used amongst workouts. But do you know what the benefits of these tools are? CJ McFarland, Onnit Academy's strength coach clues us in.

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In this episode we talk about evolution, genetics, and even the touchy subject of religion with author of Evolution 2.0, Perry Marshall.

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The jacked duo of Christian Thibaudeau and John Russin join the THO Podcast to talk strength, diet, stress, and functionality in this meat head roundtable discussion.

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Kombucha has quickly become a trendy drink in the US thanks to the string of benefits it has on digestion and gut health.  But how is it made and what should you look for in your Kombucha drink? Greg Goodman of KTonic gives us the low down.

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The Glory Women's Super Bantamweight Champion talks about the health, fitness and mindset that keeps her at the top of her game.

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Winter is done and pool season is around the corner. In this episode we will spring clean our diets, learn some awesome ingredient substitutions, and provide a few recipes perfect for April's harvest.

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Foam rollers, peanuts, balls, straps... You would think with that intro that this week's episode is about a dominatrix's toolbox. It's not, but it's some of the most important information for serial workout enthusiasts and athletes. Join us as we sit down and learn from John Wolf how to use these well-known tools for recovery and discover the benefits they provide.

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