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We talk creatine, bcaas, and digestion with Ben Greenfield.

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In this episode, we're talking about the all-important subject of strength with Smitty of Diesel Strength.

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Fitness doesn't have to be complicated! The guys from Zen Dude fitness stop by to talk about getting back to the basics with our health and fitness.

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Onnit Academy member Gordon Johnson at one point couldn’t walk to the other side of the gym without losing his breath. But with perseverance and a will to change, he has defied the odds in the fight for his body.

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Fish oil capsules have long been the go-to option for enjoying the benefits of fatty fish without eating fatty fish, but over the last few years, krill oil has made a name for itself as a potential omega-3 powerhouse.

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13x Archery World Medalist and Multi-Time National Champion Master Archer John Dudley.

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The worlds of bodybuilding & powerlifting are sometimes regarded as an impressive showing of performance enhanced strength. But there's a new wave of all-natural athletes looking to change the stigma. In this episode, we'll dissect this subject and debate numerous diet & strength philosophies with decorated natural athlete & coach Layne Norton.

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A 2X MMA Coach of the Year, Duane "Bang" Ludwig has cemented himself as a legend in the sport. In this episode, Master Splinter himself stops by the Onnit Academy to discuss career, family, and the art of fight.


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MMA Heavyweight Todd Duffee discusses the evolution in training, his new love of the steel mace, and his wish to get back on the UFC card.

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Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews is a Stanley Cup champion, Olympic gold medalist, and was awarded as the 2015 ESPY best NHL player. Aubrey Marcus sits down with Toews for a one-on-one to talk about playing at a high level.

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