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A party in your mouth. Pure white light massaging your tongue into blissful explosions.  This is what is described as a Paleo-Gasm by Paleo Kitchen host Camille Macres. Join us as we dive into the world of paleo.

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Most people know Mark-Paul Gosselaar from his character Zack Morris in the 90's TV show Saved By The Bell. What they don't know is his commitment to health and optimization. Listen to the latest no time-out edition of the Total Human Optimization podcast.

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From a University of Florida football standout to a WWE Superstar, Thaddeus Bullard (Titus O'Neil) has had a successful career while not forgetting about where he came from.

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Joe Rogan joins the Total Human Optimizatino podcast for Onnit's launch event at Whole Foods in Austin.

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Bestselling author Abel James joins us on the podcast. We discuss the misconceptions of eating fat, eating bugs in Thaliand, and his book The Wild Diet.

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Professional skateboarder Greg Lutzka has had a long and successful career. In this episode we talk about finding your flow state and staying motivated by doing what you you do for the right reasons.

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Gold Medalist Alpine Skier Bode Miller has had one of the most successful and well documented careers in Olympic history. In this episode, Bode talks about setting a foundation for life early, facing and conquering resistance, being open to outside forces, and dives into his new love of KAATSU recovery techniques.

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In this podcast with Kelly Starrett, master of all things mobility, we discuss both the daily habits that can maintain healthy structure, and the tips to troubleshoot any imbalances that naturally occur.

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What are some of the fears people have of trying yoga? What can yoga do for you? We go in depth with Mike Grey, the founder of Black Swan Yoga in Austin, TX.

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Travis Barker talks life, health, and fitness on the Total Human Optimization Podcast.

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