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Author and fitness expert John Romaniello joins us to talk about fitness, health, and the importance of sex.

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Fresh off his UFC victory over Michael Bisping, Tim Kennedy joins the Onnit Podcast to talk goals, war stories, and who is next on his fight radar.

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The Onnit Podcast takes a left turn to talk motorcycles and business. A free for all discussion and an impromptu arm wrestling match between Dar and Orlando.

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One of the most respected trainers in the world Jason Ferruggia joins us on the Onnit podcast to talk about his renegade training methods, nutrition, thoughts on rest, and more!

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We're joined by Chris Moore of Barbell Shrugged and Mike Bledsoe of Barbell Buddha.

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We talk about the mentality and physical demands of being a professional hockey player with Bobby Robins of the Boston Bruins.

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Joe Rogan & Aubrey Marcus discuss all things Onnit. Plus additional conversation about float tanks.

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Team Alpha Male member Chris Holdsworth and the MMA Coach of the Year Duane BANG Ludwig join us on the Onnit Podcast.

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Recorded live from the Onnit Partycast in Austin during SXSW, guests include Joe Rogan and RoosterTeeth personalities Gus Sorola and Burnie Burns.

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Happy Valentines Day with Miss2Jits Whitney Miller and Karate Hottie Michelle Waterson.
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